If you are a woodworker then you have a higher expectation of sharpness for your tools than most people.  You spend good money on tools that you need to perform and expect to last.  This is why I use a Tormek T8 to sharpen your tools.

  • Chisels
  • Carving tools
  • Planer and jointer blades
  • Axes and hatchets

When I sharpen tools such as chisels, scissors, and planer blades, I need a way to set an accurate, repeatable edge.  And I need something that sets that edge without heating up the tool and removing the heat treatment (making the edge soft) or removing too much metal.  With the Tormek, I can match an unknown angle on a tool or set an angle that you define.  The Tormek turns in a water bath at a slow and cool 90 rpm (a typical belt grinder runs at 3600 rpm).


The water cooled slow speed grindstone will not overheat steel. There is no worry about taking the temper out of your tool. In addition, with the low speed, I can fully control the sharpening so that the minimum amount of metal is removed while still getting it as sharp as possible.