Welcome to Apex Knife Sharpening

Serving the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina (USA)

What We Do

We hand sharpen and repair knives… all kinds of knives.
Small knives, large knives.
. . . Kitchen knives, hunting knives.
. . . . . . Fixed blades and folding knives.
. . . . . . . . . Straight blades and serrated knives.
. . . . . . . . . . . . We repair chips, broken tips, cracked handles, and rust.

A sharp knife is a safer knife because it goes where you expect it to.
A sharp knife requires less effort to cut.
When I sharpen, I bring the edge to its peak performance. I expect my knives to be razor sharp.  That is my standard when sharpening your knives as well.

We Also Sharpen Other Tools

  • Scissors (craft & sewing scissors)
  • Straight razors
    Important note:  I shave with a straight razor myself
  • Chisels
  • Hatchets, axes, and machetes
  • Hedging shears
  • Lawnmower blades

Note:  We do not sharpen or tune hair scissors or beauty shears.  This requires specialized equipment and skills.  The best service you can get is usually from the manufacturer. If you have someone nearby that does this work well… hang on to them.

How Is It Done ?

I specialize in low speed, low heat methods of sharpening. My goal is to remove as little metal as possible.  Your tools last because I don’t sharpen fast.

Knives and straight razors are hand sharpened and honed using Japanese water stones to apply a sharp, polished edge.  The blade is then stropped to debur and leave the apex with the keenest possible edge.  The result is an extremely sharp blade with an edge that is resilient and easy to maintain.  Serrated knives, repairs, and other tools may require mechanical sharpening.

Scissors, chisels, and other tools are sharpened using a slowly turning 1000 grit wetstone and edges are refined on Japanese water stones and leather strops as needed.

Be sure to check the check out the before and after videos on the blog.

What Sharp Looks Like…

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(Sí señor, aquí se habla español.)

Dear Tony, I want to thank you because you have done a magnificent job with my 5 knives. You gave them back their lives!! I liked that you repaired the broken tip of one of them, and they all cut like new! Now they are the stars in my kitchen !! 🙂
Thank you Tony for your professional work, your skill, punctuality and love that you put into what you do! Congratulations.

Francina M. from Cary, NC

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